Hi, I’m Patrick.

I am a Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in SEO, Facebook Ads, and Web Conversion Optimization. I basically get websites better traffic and make the websites get more sign ups. I write about a lot of random things that are hopefully helpful, things like freelancing, self improvement, marketing, photography, cooking and eating. It’s really a “write about anything” blog with updates about myself and what I’m up to.

Whats My Story?

Everyone has an interesting story if they’re given a chance to share it. I’m a soon to be graduate of NYU in communications. I grew up upper middle class, currently going to a great school with little student debt to my name thanks to the parents.

I’ve always thought there was more to life than just doing what you’re told. I guess that made me different. I sold shoes in 6th grade, tried and failed at online businesses as a freshman in high school and college, and bought and sold iced tea my senior year of high school. I tried the job thing in between all the ventures and it just never worked. I made my first online dollar (around $12) from an affiliate site the day after my birthday on January 1st, 2013 and I never looked back.

I took a trip to Madrid and Japan over the last two years and fell in love with traveling. I’m part of the TropicalMBA’s Dynamite Circle and am getting more and more active everyday.

I run Conversion Chemists, a digital marketing agency focused on -you guessed it, conversions- through the use of SEO, Facebook Ads, and Web Design.

I have other projects here and there that you can check out at my Projects page.

You can follow my journey through this blog.