Help Fund “Les Saveurs De Mimi” Cooking Show!

So I just met you..and this is crazy..but here’s my donate maybe?

Hello all,

You may or may not know me, but my girlfriend Mimi and I are planning on starting a cooking show. The thing is, both of us have decided to try and make a living off of just blogging, so we can travel the world to try different cuisines and photography different areas. We’ve both seen a lot of different blogs providing a sustainable income in various niches like personal finance, cooking, even general life improvement, etc. Some are wildly successful, others are just comfortable with 50k-100k. I’d like to be wildly successful eventually, but I’d like to separate my income from my time, which is definitely possible, although quite difficult.

Like I mentioned in the last post, this blog has yet to find a voice, but for now I’d like to aim for attempting to make one’s life better, less cluttered, and to free one’s time in order to do what they love.

Anyways, we’re trying to raise $850 for a Nikon D5100 with Kit Lens and a shotgun mic. The reason is because my current camera (Nikon D3100) while excellent with stills, has crappy audio and no external mic jack. We have the lights, the set up, and everything else handled, plus we’re saving up for $850 with our respective jobs and things, but anything you donate will be greatly appreciated..oh and you might want to check out the post on what you’ll receive if you donate.

If you don’t have time to view the post, here’s the basic run down of it all:

For those of you who donate $5- $25

  • Baked Good + Personal Note


  • Baked Good & Framed Photo of it, Personal Note,¬†Shout Out on the show.

$55 – $100

  • Baked Good, Framed Photo, Personal Note, One Month Access to one of our upcoming online cooking or photography classes.


  • Baked Good, Framed Photo, Personal Note, Shout Out, One Month Access to both of our classes.

Amount to Fundraise: $850

Items that will be bought with the money:

Nikon D5100 with Kit Lens: $700

Rode VIDEOMIC: $150

We will continue to update you on how much we have saved up. The paypal donation button is just to the side so if you don’t mind helping us out, we’d really appreciate it, and we will reimburse you with thank you nomz.

Muchas Gracias,



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