How I Made $1000+ a Month as a College Student

Holy crap it’s been a while. Almost a year to be exact. Regardless, I’ve been actually making money online, and IT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Seriously, I’ve waited like 5 years for this. Yay. But enough bragging, you could totally do this too, whether you’re a college student or not, you can earn something on the side for sure. If you aren’t in college, this might take a bit longer to set up since you’re working, but it still works. Here are the two ways that I’m currently earning income:

Freelance Writing from Elance
Wage: 0.05 cents/word (1000 words is roughly 50 dollars not including Elance Fee)

Monthly Income: Around $450/month ($0 right now though, read below for why)

I should mention that my current situation is that they are switching to a much better CMS(like WordPress) and are currently not paying for any new articles at the moment. However, Elance is great for getting writing gigs. With my particular employer, there isn’t a word limit, meaning I can write as much as I want to as long as it’s at least 1000 words. So with that, I’m making at least 50 dollars per article. The ability to increase my income is dependent on increasing my word count per article or assigning myself more articles for the week. While I have the option, it’s seriously as exciting as eating sand. Writing about mundane topics for 1000 words is hard enough, let alone 2000-2500. I’m lucky in that I only have one employer who pays me very well, but if this is something you want to do, feel free to get multiple contracts from those who are hiring if you’d like.

This also isn’t strictly for writers either. If you do web design, programming, even photography or illustrations chances are your skills are needed. If you have any questions about how to freelance your skills, leave them in the comments.

Can increase income
Work from home
Topics can be boring; research is time consuming
Elance is competitive, expect rejection and low priced bids at first
Bottom Line
If you do plan on freelance writing, be sure to keep your profile up to date and your portfolio fresh. Use your academic papers as writing samples or blog posts that you’ve written previously. Writing samples are your friends and Elance is very competitive, so get your experience and feedback in. Don’t have any? Then start writing! Write about any topic you want, as long as it’s well researched and has a consistent voice, you should be fine. I do plan on quitting as soon as my other source of income can supplement this (which won’t take very long if I apply myself) because as stated earlier, freelance writing is very time consuming.

SEO Consulting
Monthly income: $1k

My friends have asked me what it is I do, and I usually just say that I do “Internet” or “Websites” and that’s usually good enough. Well if you’re one of my friends reading this (which you probably are…sorry we haven’t hung out ?? prepare to be filled with shock and awe and discover what it is I do!(Not really)

SEO? What the hell is that.
It’s basically getting websites ranked in Google. For example, whenever you search in Google, whatever shows up on the first page is golden real estate. That’s where I get websites to show up. That’s basically what it boils down to, oh and we apparently have a long standing battle with Matt Cutts and Google to game the system, so there’s that. I have 2 clients with one of them paying me about $1k per month. WHADDUP.

Website Making
When doing SEO, there’s also the route of making your own sites, writing articles, making videos and monetizing them with ads, affiliate marketing, or products. I have done this, but they aren’t doing too well after the Google update. Regardless, I hand wrote all the damn articles last summer and I should show you anyway because my pride can go f*ck itself.

I have some other blogs in the works, one about nutrition and another about not being a wimpy skinny boy anymore, but those are currently in the works.


It’s in VERY HIGH demand
You can charge a lot depending on the clients you go for(like doctors/lawyers in your area)
You can outsource the whole thing (I just hired a writer from the Philippines last week)

Getting leads is hard (surprise surprise)
There’s a bit of a learning curve
With personal sites, you won’t see money for a while(it took me 3-4 months to see any money coming in)
Google’s algorithm update keeps you on your toes
If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, I don’t wanna get too technical and junk, so you can look at these sites since they explain it world’s better than I ever could (but I probably will try to later on anyway).

Some Awesome, In Your Face, Kick-Ass Resources(I go to these places basically every day.) Forum

Matthew Woodward’s Blog


My 5k/month in 1 Year Plan
So there’s this “plan” that I have, where I basically want to make 5k a month through what I’m doing right now. I want to quit the writing job (which is basically nonexistent at this point) and do more personal SEO sites that interest me. I’ll probably do more affiliate sites for Amazon(like my food mixer site) and try my hand at local clients. The great thing is, I can really spread my income out wide and do a lot of things with SEO. So I got options. I’d ideally like to be making 3k/month by graduation, and 5k/month by next year. I’m already 1/5th there, how hard could it be right???

Anyways, that’s the end of this post. Again, If you have any questions about how to make money with your existing skills, leave them in the comments and we’ll figure it out.

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