My Current Project: Setting Up Online Income Streams

So I haven’t at all been posting on here because I’ve been working on figuring out a way to set up some online income streams. Now, before you call “Bullshit” on this, hear me out. A lot of people are making a living online, even some people are selling their art on Etsy (which is what I plan on doing) and have made a decent side income on it. My goal is to have multiple streams of these, so I can diversify my income in case one goes under. I want to treat my income like people treat stocks –don’t put them all in one basket.

I’m setting up some websites that can cover my basic expenses (around $3000/month) then I can do my whole “travel and photograph the world” plan I’ve always wanted to do.

What’s awesome about this, is that most of the work solely depends on how much I put in, and once it’s set up, it will continue to grow with various tweaks and tests. Don’t get me wrong, this is a hell of a lot of work and takes months, even years to set up. I’m going to try and hack my way into it. More on the websites later.

P.S. I’m trying to tweet more, mainly asking questions and things like that, none of that “omg this is my day” crap. Follow me! 😀 @patdomingo



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