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Considering the title, I figure that this could easily be a series, and it probably will be.

I’ve just started doing some pro bono marketing and web design (read: wordpress installations) work for some students at NYU. I feel its a much more relaxed atmosphere since there isn’t exactly any expectation going on towards it. While I would like it to be that way forever, I know it’s not the truth, but when money is put into the equation, I feel like one would want to get his or her money’s worth, right?

Still, it feels good to help people and give them advice on how to effectively influence their followers or gain their own set of followers. One day, I hope this blog can cultivate a following that trusts me. I’d like for this blog to be my test area for ideas and experiments and curiosities and a whole bunch of things.

How to do that? Only time will tell. This blog is still developing, I have no clue what to do with it. I essentially want it to be everything. Sort of like the stage in my life that I am in right now. In my own development as a writer, consulter, photographer, good boyfriend, whatever, I feel like the progress and the development of oneself, paradoxically, comes through an exposure to other people and the attitude that you have towards people and how you treat them. Specifically putting others before yourself and learning how to compromise, sacrifice, and empathize is something I’m continuing to learn. Considering how humans are social animals, we are also prideful, so it’s such a hard thing to do on a consistent basis. I’ve learned most of it through my relationship with my girlfriend. She’s seriously the nicest person I’ve ever met, and puts herself in other people’s shoes constantly, it’s quite admiring. I’m sort of hard headed at times, but I always try to keep an eye on the big picture of things.

With tons and tons of friends who are aspiring entrepreneurs with awesome ideas and driven attitudes, I think its great that our generation is at the center of it. We’re seen as both the hope and the loss of the world, of two polar opposites existing within one generation. This is not at all anything new, and I suppose with the media playing a bigger role in labeling us it is less unique, but people are doing amazing things from both sides, mostly thanks to the Internet. There are countless stories, like the 18 year old who got 1 million in funding from Richard Branson, who’s actually one of my friends at NYU. She took an academic leave this year to work with her company on the West Coast.

This allure makes entrepreneurship and the Internet look like an awesome opportunity, and it is, but it makes it look like anyone can just get funding and start a company and be rich. Not so. I’ve tried and failed about 3 times, and I know others who have tried and failed so much more than me. I’m not giving up so easily, but it’s damn hard. While Einstein says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result, I believe there is a certain amount of insanity and blind optimism that is necessary for any entrepreneur to become successful.

I have no idea how to end this, since there wasn’t really a closing thought…so…The End.

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