revelations as a recent transplant to new york.


just a little background. i hate writing properly, i have enough of that in my academic life. anyways, as a native californian, i’m hella much into the whole west coast vibe, but i decided to switch it up and go to new york for school. some quick revelations:

jay walking makes walking so much faster.

tourists make you feel so much better about yourself

being asked directions by foreigners can really make you feel like a native, but is cancelled out when you ask for directions yourself.

you can have new wardrobe ideas from people walking on the street

never take fliers, unless you work as one and understand what it’s like (i did)

3am is perfectly acceptable to go out for $1 pizza and be belligerently drunk

manhattan is nothing like the other boroughs, it’s its own little world.

that’s all for now.



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