Slow Carb Diet: Cheat Day, An Aftermath.

So it’s 3:50AM when I’m writing this. Odd times for inspiration I suppose.

Anways, cheat day was as much a success as it was a fail..actually it was totally a fail. More details below:


Had half a wheat bagel and pumpernickel bagel with sun dried tomato and bacon cream cheese. Hazelnut coffee. So far so good.


Had Lobster mac and cheese…and drinks…of water. Just water. Nothing else. Then went to drink more water..


Unfortunately, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, I experienced nausea, some elbow trauma, and due to my sudden symptoms, ended up throwing up in a taxi cab on the way home Probably too much water.

Anyways, night ended shortly and I napped, showered, and am now blogging at 4AM in the morning. But now the debauchery has ended and back to eating healthy forever…and not drinking so much water.


Please don’t judge. While you can can google me and look up on my site all the things I’ve done, you can’t judge or determine who someone is just by their online identity. There’s more to it than that. I’m a good boy. I promise. People like me. I’m a college student and it’s sort of what college students do. You wouldn’t want some boring, straight laced, goodie-too shoes, who follows directions and doesn’t think for himself would you? Or maybe you would. Who knows? Either way, this is an experiment and as such, will be treated like one and understood like one. Plus, if you understand me and who I am , I probably wouldn’t want to work for you. Love you though!(Mostly for my mom, but I guess I love you too, unnamed employer/person interested in working with me).

On Another Kind of Important Note..

I also lost weight. Probably most important to say, but weird, my Body Fat Percentage was around 12-13% before this, and I’m pretty sure it’s gotten lower. Mimi’s pretty dress that she wore today was loose on her, and according to her mother, who was an actress and danced every day, she looks thinner. Wow this totally works.

…I should go to sleep…and drink some actual water.



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