Slow Carb Diet: Cheat Day Round 2

Okay, before you start saying that I broke the sacred rule of cheat day being once a week, and that there is no excuse for it, well here’s my excuse. I tried Indian food and authentic Japanese food for the first time. It was an awesome cultural experience, and it was definitely worth breaking the rules to experience the awesomeness that is both Indian and Japanese food. So with that in mind, Cheat Day Round 2 went quite well, and no debauchery happened, unlike the other day, which is great. Anyways here’s what I had today:


We had eggs with red onions and turkey bacon, since we sort of didn’t anticipate that we would get another cheat day.


Indian food for me, Mimi had something and like a belgian waffle.


Mimi’s mom is in town with her friend and they took us out to have real Japanese food. It was delicious and it was very generous of them to invite me. Definitely an experience.

This post is somewhat short and sweet, but I’m trying to post something every day, and it’s been going quite well. To be honest, this is the most committed I’ve ever been to this blog, so I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing every day. Hopefully it’s of some value to someone out there reading it.



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