Slow Carb Diet: Day 2

Started work today, which was nice, except the fact that my lunch was a horrible attempt to eat healthy at a not at all healthy restaurant. Here’s how the meals went down:


  •  Scrambled Eggs
  • Broccoli

Lunch was utterly retarded. Since it was my first day everyone suggested we go to the one place that was the most tempting for me: Shake Shack. Know what I end up getting? A double hamburger with no bun. This went against everything manly I once stood for. The lady even asked me “Do you have a gluten allergy?” to which I said “No. I just don’t want the buns.” Anyway I just ate it. It actually wasn’t bad if you don’t mind using a knife and fork and having the lettuce sort of wilt on you due to all of the grease. Anyways I love the job and everyone there is so nice and understanding of my 2 week diet. They all were open to joining me on my cheat days 😛


The Final Showdown. After a horrific, traumatic experience which can only be described through a picture, I can say that this time, we totally kicked dinner’s ass. Oh yeah. Feast your eyes on this….

Taco Guaco Salad, Ladies and Gents.

It was so good. I’m being the most cocky on this blog right now, I’ll hate myself when I read it again, but THE NIGHT HAS BEEN WON AND WE ARE THE VICTORS. Check out the recipe at Mimi’s blog. We used the shopping list from the previous post and modified it to suit our needs, and spent around $55 for the next week, which is not bad at all. For now, shake shack’s shack stack and cheese fries, is at the top of my cheat day list. Oh and the doggie treats, too. Can’t forget about that.



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