Slow Carb Diet: Day 3

Not much went on today, other than working from 12-9pm sort of screwed up my eating schedule because I didn’t get to eat until 4pm and 10:30pm. Not sure if that would affect it but what can you do? I work again from 6am(ugh) to 2pm so I’ll be making today’s breakfast for tomorrow.


  • Turkey Bacon and Scrambled Eggs



I forgot to mention that yesterday we decided to marinate some chicken breasts in olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Probably should have mentioned that, because that’s what we ate tonight, photographed nicely here:

Honestly I couldn’t handle this diet if the food didn’t taste so good. Mimi’s a huge reason why I’m sticking to it, since it’s nice to have a partner who is also doing it, and cooking good food is a hugeeeeeee plus. Regardless, we both have running lists/plans for our cheat day(!) on Saturday.

I realize that this diet has been sort of unstructured, and these blog posts are quite short, so I promise things will be a little more polished and refined next week. It’s just the nature of starting something new, we’re getting accustom to it and finding a nice baseline. Major apologies and look forward to better structured content next week 🙂




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