Slow Carb Diet Quick Start Guide

So if you’re interested in getting started with the Slow Carb Diet, maybe this post can help. I’ve had some friends who have followed this and have lost anywhere from 10lbs in a week to 30lbs in a month. Here’s how you can get started:

I’m not going to reiterate what has already been said. Read this post if you want to get started.

After you read that post, here are some unexpected restrictions and expectations you will/might encounter.

You’ll be eating a lot of the same meals over and over again, so plan your entire week out.

Pick a day like Sunday, and cook in batches. Use tupperware and store food in your fridge for the rest of the week. We didn’t follow it and spent more money than we should have on Chipotle lunches. Save yourself $10 a day and make it at home.

Have an accountability partner.

With Mimi, who made everything taste good, it was much easier than when I tried to do it by myself. Have a friend or your roommate do it with you, it makes it so much easier.

No fruit juice or dairy

This means no fruits or fruit juice, cheese, or milk.

Beans are a staple of the diet, it keeps you full.

If you don’t like beans, up the protein and veggie intake to stay full.

Butter’s OK.


Workouts are optional

We both lost weight and we worked out a total of 1 time for the last 2 weeks. If you want faster results, add Occam’s Protocol to your SCD.

Some staple meals:

Eggs/Turkey Bacon

Chipotle Burrito Bowl (or any general mexican bowl without the tortilla/taco bowl itself)

Steak/Chicken and Veggies

There is some room to mess up, but results will be compromised.

That bleu cheese in your salad might be a small amount, but the “just one bite” mentality might get to you, so it’s better to just stay away from any small amounts of anything that you could snack on. If you’re hungry or not full from a meal, just have another one. If you must snack on something, carrots and almonds, but only a handful.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the section below. Thanks!


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