Making my first sale on Etsy: A Reflection

We did it. We totally did it.

Words can’t describe how excited I am about this. I ACTUALLY SOLD SOMETHING TO SOMEONE WHO WASNT MY MOTHER. A real life person! Shouts out to you, new customer. You have given me motivation to actually do this and not kick it to the side like I do with all my other escapades. While it’s only my first sale, and it’s not enough data really to track a trend, it definitely did come out of left field for me.

# of views does not equal number of sales.

This one was a surprise, and while its obvious advice, its baffling when it hits you. I got a request for a custom order for a photo I haven’t even promoted yet, and was not featured or did not have that many views.

focusing on good photos

this leads me to believe that i may have to take shop on the content that I provide, although it could be a billion other things.

custom equals good. packages?

i guess people do like some choice and custom orders are what got me my first sale, so i might just keep going with that and add some nice packages, like packages for the home, the office, etc.

providing good customer service/follow up/retention

well now i can test out my customer retention model and customer service model. offering a discount for repeat purchases is something i’m looking into implementing, and of course building a list for a bimonthly newsletter as well. we’ll see how it all goes!

showing my product to the best place for it: Etsy itself.

this doesn’t seem that much of a revelation, but I have been posting my blog posts and shooting them to twitter, facebook, and social bookmarking sites, but most of my traffic comes from Etsy, and I need to be more involved with Etsy and the community there.

While there are other things like seasonal trends and colors that are in style, thats all I can really assess from my first sale. Now time to set some sales goals and really get the ball rolling. Ciao!





Selling my Photography on Etsy – Why I’m Doing It

So I’ve decided to try my hand at selling my photograph prints on etsy (I’ve also applied at a restaurant as a barista, can you say typical NY starving artist? Oh joy to me.)

Well I’ve decided to try and really push my photography and selling prints to people. They’re a little on the expensive side, as each one is custom and hand made by me. I’ll post more pictures on the process and things, but you should check out my photography page and look at some of the prints, and if you’re on etsy, add me to your circle! I’d love to check your stuff out.

I have a whole marketing plan and all that, but it’s all just a pipe dream for now. I’ll be making a contact list and reaching out to my extended network both here and at home for anyone interested in canvas art. Either way I’m essentially moving from amateur hobbiest to semi-pro, but it all starts with the first sale! My first sale will validate my idea and feed my ego, which is also sometimes   a good thing.

I’m also doing this in tandem with my Amazon Affiliate websites, which I’ve been slacking on ever since I started on etsy, so I gotta start hustling some more again and get things back on track.

The reason why I’m selling on Etsy is because aside from having an awesome office, I feel like it resonates with creating something of value, that you can offer to the world, which is totally bringing the hippie out in me. I sort of am excited to learn how to stretch my own canvas, do acrylic gel transfers, ship my stuff out and get paid for it. It’s like I’m creating something unique and tangible that someone else wants to buy. I’m showcasing my perspective of New York and presenting it in a unique way, where no two prints, even of the same picture, are the same. And who knows? The next 2 years, it could be NYC, then the next 2 years after that, maybe Shanghai, the Philippines, Africa, Ghana, you name it.

It meshes perfectly with the idea of making an income online and loving what I do every day. I can just take my camera and walk around NYC and it could potentially fuel my income, which sounds great to me. It’s going to take a great deal of work, and with the Amazon sites I may and already have found myself split in two directions, but these two things, when set up correctly, can definitely be my own blueprint to success that I’ve only dreamed about.

So once again, come check out my store at  and I will keep you posted, since I’m going to try and start documenting my online journey with etsy and Amazon. Cheers!



A Quick Update


To all you people who occasionally read my blog, I apologize that I haven’t been blogging very much. I’ve been working on my website that will in a couple of years, (hopefully) give me some type of passive income. More on that later.

All I’ve really been doing is meeting up with old friends, making new ones, enjoying life. One thing I’m excited about is that tonight I will be meeting one of my favorite author/bloggers Ramit Sethi of the awesome blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and also Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo. They seem like cool dudes, and I’m sure I can learn a lot from them, but I have no idea what to expect.

For now? Working. Paying off my credit card. Photographing whatever. Making Websites.

That’s the update! Off to work. Ciao.


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Slow Carb Diet: The Last Day + Photo Contest!

Apologies for the late post, but I had to ‘ve decided to combine both today’s post and yesterday’sLast day today. You all might be wondering why I’ve decided to cut it short. Well considering that I failed a bunch this week, it is just way too impractical. Not saying I wouldn’t do it again, but this week has been kind of rocky with work, two classes at 8:30am and guests who we’ve had to eat with. Especially when eating out, it becomes hard to avoid carbs/fruit/dairy at restaurants. Tonight will be our last no-carb dinner night, and I can’t wait. I learned so much from this experience, about myself and my partner. I’ll probably write a lessons learned post tomorrow and a quick start guide so if anyone wants to learn how to get started and what to expect, they can do it themselves too.



Tomato soup with bacon (the tomato soup had cream in it, but we were both too lazy to make something, so it was kind of a fail)


Watched part of Bourne Supremacy and got some carne asada, onions, bell peppers, black beans, and salsa.


Mimi went to Eataly with her mother dearest and a friend, while I…sort of forgot to eat because I was working on my websites. Schmerp.



Since our photography class was at 8:30am, we so cleverly forgot to put an alarm on and woke up at 8:11am. So we rushed and had no breakfast, but TOOK SOME AWESOME PHOTOS OF BREAKFAST INSTEAD.


Totally aced that class..even though I didn’t pay for it. Seriously though, Mimi’s cooking blog photos will be so much shmexier.


Stupid old me decided “Oh hey let me get the veggie quiche, since there are so many vegetables in them!” Well turns out the majority of it consisted of potato. White. Carb. Potato. My first (or probably second/third) fail came when we went out for lunch with Mimi’s mom at Le Pain Quotidien. I ordered the sandwiches thinking I would just take all of the bread off. Well I caved in because I was so hungry. And it felt good that I would enjoy the sweet thing called bread once again.


Haven’t had it yet, but it will be shrimp and veggies all sauteed in garlic. Mmmm…garlic.

Thoughts on This Experiment?

The first week was so much better. Second week, not so much. It would have been damn near impossible to do it without Mimi, so I believe an accountability partner would be helpful. Sometimes you just have to cave in, and I would assume that more restraint would be needed if you’re actually trying to lose weight. If I were 20-30 pounds over weight, I may have been more motivated to do it, but since I didn’t need to really lose any, perhaps the second week I just lost motivation(although I did end up having a somewhat slimmer waist).

I definitely urge anyone who’s looking to slim down a bit to try this out for at least a week, two if you’re really motivated and have a friend you can rely on. Again I’ll probably come up with a quick start guide and post it up tomorrow.

P.S. I just entered a photo contest which would help me go around the world and win $25,000! If you check out my page and click “Collect Me” it will help me win. I’d definitely appreciate it if you did. Thanks!

Link to Photo Contest: