the disadvantages of a 9-5 + an alternative.

Some of us like to be told what to do. I know I have for a long time, and well.. I still do. I don’t have to think. I just do what I’m told, follow directions and follow it well. I’m the classic “Yes” man when it comes to work. I do it because I know I’ll be rewarded for it eventually, right? At least it seems that way. I’m writing this in the back seat of my car (on paper because I forgot my laptop, or really didn’t bother to bring it) waiting for my shift to start because they told me to take a break until 5 after I came at 3:30p. It might not sound that bad, but considering that I drove 40 minutes to work, with another 30 minutes to find and pay for parking, my remaining shift will probably leave me with little left to spend on anything. And it pisses me off, honestly. The time invested in driving is easily not worth the money I’m getting paid.

But I’m desperate.

I have a photography business to finance, some bills to pay(although not as much as my parents just yet) I may just need a second job(UPDATE: as of the time of this posting, I’m schedule for an interview later today I didn’t take the job.).

In states of desperation we sometimes do the unthinkable: taking crappy jobs doing crappy things we don’t like with management who is giving you the impression that they got your back but at the end of the day only care about the bottom line. And I can’t blame them, because I’d probably do the same in their shoes. It’s a business, and in business the bottom line is the only thing that matters. I’m feeding a system that the majority of people in our age group are part of unless they go to college. Not that there is something wrong with that, because there are really nice and awesome people who take the road most traveled, however it’s not conducive to living a high quality life, in my honest opinion. I’ve talked before about how influential your friends are and who you surround yourself with tells you a lot about yourself, so living a high-quality life means hanging out with the people you aspire to be, so I’ll admit I’m not exactly doing that working at this job, but I do realize I gotta bite the bullet and pay my dues for this job.

After working 6 out of the 7 days a week last week and getting my minimum wage on (to the max, yo) I seriously wanna kill myself. Figuratively speaking. Whatever that means. Either way, I know I can’t be doing this forever, and I don’t want to. I just signed a $20k student loan with Citibank for this semester, and got a $6.5k federal stafford loan. YAY.

Especially after reading Mr. Sethi’s Money Diaries on the twenty-something who still works from paycheck to paycheck with two jobs and can’t find the money to pay her student loans and still spends like an idiot, I’m seriously in panic mode at this point.

Soooo I’ve decided to take some initiative in learning this whole “how to create an online business from scratch” thing, and I’ve taken Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 (yes that’s an affiliate link) as a recommendation from my good friend Glenn Bridges whom I met over at the 4HWW forum (check out his Total Muse Creation book..great stuff (not affiliate link)) and also from a blog I follow called Strayblogger by a legit guy named Nate(don’t know his last name). So I’m gettin super familiar with SEO, Keyword research, and (my personal favorite) writing sales pages. I say that non sarcastically because it’s just like seduction: you entice the reader to buy muahaha..loljk it’s about giving value and lots of awesome free content and overdelivering to a very needy audience.(not that you should do that to get girls, cuz needy girls suck.)

The biggest epiphany I’ve had in actually taking Internet Marketing seriously is that…it’s really, really easy once you “get it” and understand the system(hint: kiss Google’s ass…just kidding..sorta) and honestly, it’s a really great alternative to crappy 9-5 jobs.

The main difference between Internet Marketing and “traditional” entrepreneurship though is that IM focuses more on finding the market demand and filling in the need, rather than trying to create an idea out of thin air and make it stick. We’re pretty much the lazy type of entrepreneurs. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard and all that jazz, but we figure out where all the money’s going, what people are searching for on Google, and we simply provide what is painstakingly wanted.

Anyways, it’s all really interesting to me and once I get my first little bizzy biz off the ground, I’m definitely going to create a replicable system and teach you how to do it, so I’ll keep you updated once everything is off the ground. Ta-ta.


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